By submitting your original material, ie: song and or musical composition, etc. (hereafter known as Work)  to NY Talent Media LLC, you, (hereafter known as Artist) understand and  agree that your material will be broadcast on the internet to the general public.  Copyright protection of your original material is the responsibility of the Artist submitting the material. The Artist must have the legal authority to submit the Work.  NY Talent Media LLC is not to be held liable if  your Work is reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher of the material. Your contact information will be visible during the airing of your Work so that contact with  the Artist submitting the material can be accomplished.

The Artist agrees to hold harmless and indemnify NY Talent Media LLC in the event the Work that they have submitted violates copyright infringement.

NY Talent Media LLC will not participate in any negotiations, monetary or contractual, if a listener is interested in your material and  chooses to contact you for possible hire, recording contract, or publishing of your material.

By submitting your original Work, the Artist also understands and agrees that NY Talent Media LLC will not pay you, the Artist, any royalties or remuneration of any kind for playing your material.  Your Work will be played along with all other submissions on a random basis.   Should royalties be due to any third party, the Artist agrees to hold harmless and indemnify NY Talent Media LLC.