Our mission is to turn a lifelong passion for music into more than a leisurely activity. Actually, the concept of this station grew out of the tragedy of Covid-19.   With most establishments which highlight musical entertainment shuttered or severely restricted, there is virtually no outlet for independent musicians to perform.  Our internet radio station is devoted exclusively to NY State independent musical artists  to showcase their music. All genres are welcome as variety is a beautiful thing. So whether you perform jazz, rock, heavy metal, Latin music, hip hop, etc., your music will be played.


We are starting this station from the ground up, so in our initial phase, we need your music to build our database. This is a good thing for you.  Your music can be submitted without cost to you.  All submissions will be played on a random and equal basis. 


As our database grows, so will our promotion of the station.  We will have a presence on social media and will target promoters and establishments that may appreciate your work. Of course, the general public will also be able to hear your music as well.  Since this is the internet, your work can potentially reach a global audience. 


An important feature of this station is that as your music is being played,  the title, you or band's name and contact information (either phone # , e-mail or web address) will be displayed.  Anyone who likes your work will be able to contact you directly.


We are very excited to hear you and we know you want the public to hear you as well.